Support ‘Unity’

Equality Matters!

Help our local fundraisers support ‘Unity’ in the Community projects. Each project is established to promote public awareness and help provide support and combat inequality. Sponsor us? Your donations are welcomed.

Want to help make a difference? We need volunteers to support our project work across cities, towns and rural areas near you. Why not join us combat Equality Matters! together. Our focus and any funds raised will be spent across five key areas identified as needing improvement.

These are employment, education, crime, living standards and health & care.

We regularly discuss issues that affect the LGBT community, disable persons, SEND, racial disparities, etc.

Key Findings

The most vulnerable people in society are left in a fragile state, this can be the result of many different factors such as personal matters, physical limitations, poverty, abuse, prejudices and discrimination, economic downturn, benefits and/or public sector cuts, etc. Through focus groups, one-to-one consultations, forum sessions, and working alongside other key support networks we aim to eliminate inequality, tackle injustice and empower change for the better. With your help we hope to raise global awareness of Equality and Diversity issues; and we believe this change can be achieved.

For a friendly chat about how you can get involved, find out more, or volunteer your time, contact us.