Race: On The Agenda

“…BME persons are six times more likely to be stopped and searched…”

“…black Caribbean pupils were permanently excluded at nearly 3 times the rate of White British pupils…”

“…people in the Black ethnic group were the most likely to have been detained under the Mental Health Act”

“…people from the Asian, Black, Chinese and Other ethnic groups were more likely to be physically inactive”

“…unemployment rates were higher for people from ethnic minorities … compared with White people; these differences were largest in Yorkshire and The Humber, North West…”

Are these sayings you are all too familiar with?

The Equality Forums are please to announce our ‘Race: On The Agenda’ event taking place mid-February 2019 (updates coming). The event plans to initiate much needed discussion about what it actually means to be an ethnic minority in Britain today. We aim to address topics identified as requiring improvement within black minority ethnic communities, look at racial disparities, comparative views of race relations and public sector services, and the impact of diversity within multicultural Britain post Brexit.

We encourage you, the general public, to join us to share your views and experiences about race.

Place are limited at the event, so we urge you to pre-book a place. For group bookings contact our helpline.

More details about the event, and our Equality Forums will be posted around Huddersfield and surrounding areas, on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms, or visit our news section and other partner sites for more details.

If you have a few hours spare and would like to volunteer your time to support this event, wish to donate or sponsor our cause, contact us.