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Terms and Policies

Our community terms summary outlined below contain details of the legal rights and responsibilities of the Voices of Equality Forum Community family: Equality Forums, Community Impact Initiative Projects, our Partners, members and service users. Follow the links to read more.

Community Terms

Our community terms outlines legal rights and responsibilities of the Voices of Equality Forum Community family and its service users. It also relates to your connection with our platform, which covers areas that govern your use of our Site such as automatic subscription renewals, limitations of liability, waivers and other legal stuff. This includes our Usage and Content Policies, Member Restrictions, and Intellectual Property Rules or other guidelines. Learn more here

Privacy Notice

Our commitment to protecting your privacy can be read in our Privacy Notice, it describes the information we collect from you and how we may (or may not) use and disclose it.

Cookie Policy

Our Cookie Policy describes how we use cookies and similar technologies to operate, improve, promote and protect data and our causes and platforms.

Usage and Content Policies

Our Usage and Content Policies explains the general rules for using the Equality Forum platform. It will help you understand how you are permitted to use available forums and other platforms (including User Accounts) and what content you can post to it.

User Standards

Our User Standards explain the practices we expect from visitors and users of our Service.

Member Restrictions

Our Member Restrictions explains the types of individuals and organisations that are permitted to access or create an account.

Intellectual Property Rules and Violations Policies

Our Intellectual Property Rules and Violations Policies explains the procedures for usage and reporting process of intellectual property rights violations and other Violations to us.

Network and Communication Standards

Our Network and Communications Standards help you to understand what is considered an acceptable engagement between you and the Voices of Equality Forum Community family, our processors and controls.

Security and Payment Policy

Our Security and Payment Policies outlines our approach to security and payment process, for example, when we’ll issue certain refunds, our restrictions on the use of payment processors.

Group Policies

Our Group Policies explain the types of groups that are permitted on our platform. Voices of Equality Forum Community supports objectives is to provide a safe platform to support and discuss equality and diversity matters, we expect all our users to adhere to all our terms whether in a group or individually.

Leadership and Volunteer Standards

Our Organiser and Leadership Standards explain the practices we expect from leaders and their team members.

Check out our frequently asked questions FAQs for more info about our terms and policies or contact us.

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