The Stigma of Free School Meals

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    The cost of living is rarely out of news tabloids, and we see across social media the glamorising of high life, fast pace living is a growing trend not yet at its peak. So when we talk about the social stigma of free school meals, which is said to prevent parents claiming their entitlement means that too often children are left with little or no food to eat each day, is a hard one to swallow.

    Being deprived of these basic needs, that lets face it most people take for granted – UK’s household on average spend between £80 to £100 per week on food costs – as seen in ever increasing reality shows like the BBC’s food programme, ‘Eat well for less’, for the majority is an upward struggle to be able to break the cycle. If the result is only 1% able to look back and reflect on the ‘when, here and now’ experience, then are we really doing society justice overall when considering the knock on effect of underachievement, poor attainment and other socio-economical issues ?

    Some Welsh councillors believe that making free school meals accessible to every child would remove the stigma entirely. Whereas, opposing opinions say in reality “extending eligibility for free school meals to include all children – not just those from the lowest income families – would need greater financial investment.,, This would mean savings would then have to be made elsewhere”.

    What is certain is that public money needs to be spent more effectively to ensure that those who are mostly at need are fully supported.

    Have you or someone you know been impacted by the free school meals stigma? Share your views, or take our survey.


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